All Substitute Teachers and Instructional Assistants MUST complete the online training before they will be considered for employment.  Please read the whole job description!!  Process for calling substitute has changed for this school year!


Please use the following link:


All substitutes must be at least 18 years of age and possess a High School Diploma or GED.


Substitute Pay


Degree Substitute  - $82.00/day - must have degree from 4 year college or university - must submit transcripts or copy of diploma to receive this pay!


Non - Degree Substitute - $63.00/day


Long Term Substitute - $152.00/day - must complete 20 consecutive days for same teacher to receive this pay!


Instructional Assistant Substitute - $57.70/day


Cafeteria Worker Substitute - $11.82/hr


Custodian Substitute - $11.82/hr


Bus Driver Substitute - $15.92/hr


Nelson County Public Schools has made the decision to transition to an automated Absence Management and Substitute Placement System called Aesop. 

What you can expect to receive is a welcome letter that will provide you the website address and your own unique login ID and pin, along with other useful information that will be used to access the system.


You will also be provided with a quick start guide as well as some other details regarding the
change in our current process. Aesop has a wonderful Learning Center which contains
instructional videos and documents which can be accessed at anytime and anywhere, and this
should be a great resource to help you adjust to the new system.